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About us

boCity is designed by city and ticketing experts with the common aim to facilitate the user experience throughout the city, with an independent and multi-platform mobile application.

More than 20 years background in ticketing transactions and urban transformation.

Each user has her or his own mobility experience. boCity offers contextualized information specific to each user requests. This personalization enriches the user experience and empowers the user in its relationship with the day-to-day services.


  • In real time
  • Personalized

For operators and service providers, it becomes easier to understand the customers needs and adapt their offer. Our solution is based upon a server secured with an HSM ensuring the high security level of our HCE and bar code solutions:

  • Loading and activation of the HCE app
  • Loading and tokenization of the transport and services contracts
  • Fraud detection

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Contact Info

Address: 49 rue de Boulainvilliers, 75016 Paris, France